Saturday, August 21, 2010

bad melissa

Melissa has been bad for many reasons....
1. not updating
2. not emailing people back
3. not working out
4. not going to bed on time
5. not painting nails
6. not cleaning room
7. not being productive
8. not buying a cellphone charger
9. not packing

..and worst of all
10. not saving my money!!!! too much shopping BAD BAD BAD

this is where i belong! (with a cape on too of course)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I might be teaching lyrical, so I have been making playlists for class and finding new music and I found a new love called First Aid Kit.

packing for long periods of time is annoying

I'm trying to pack for six weeks of dance camping and i've done one bag and now pretending to do the other. I'm afraid that my bags will be too heavy. So, i've decided if I don't pack the bag, it can't get heavy. Nothing that new is up. I saw the lobster dress in person, it was kind meh and i think i would grow tried of it quickly. But I do have some new fun purchases! New undies on sale at VS and TJ, a pair of J brand jeans at Marshalls for $20, the round cynthia vincent glasses in tortoise shown in an old post (so now i have two pairs!) and other odds and ends.

On another non-making-melissa-poorer-note, read this article in the nytimes today. These people basically live in a lace doily.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

it's a SIGN!!

So, last night I stuffed myself silly with lobster and today I find this dress on sale online at anthro. Not only that, but I read the reviews and most of them say not for the busty woman and I am NOT the busty woman, so this dress would be perfect!

Also, lately my mother and I have been TJ-ing and Marshall-ing it up. So far, I have gotten a few pairs of shorts, a t, yoga pants, a really cute bathing suit, yesterday finally a ROMPER!!, and cynthia rowley round sunglasses.

The sunglasses are like the ones below (I tried these on too not as good), but with black frames and black mirrored lenses aka Gaga wishes she was as cool as me. Oh, and I got them on clearance for 10.00.

The romper I got is really soft and it's dark gray, but I still want a cute summer-y retro-y one. ALSO, I found these Fendi sunglasses on sale at TJ for 39.99 for my mother and guess what retail price is?? 346.00!! I win. They are nice for designer glasses cus they are not tacky-flashy.
Here they are in black and grey, you can see the detailing on them better in the grey ones in the photo. My mother has them in black.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

favorite animals!!!

I'm still procrastinating on cleaning my room and I've watched way too much tv. I'm kind of turning into a slug, which I promised myself I wouldn't do. So, I am currently failing, but do you know what is not failing? This dress I found online at anthro on sale.
Pachyderm Parade Dress by Ana Sui for Anthropologie.
At first glance, it's a simple print dress, but then close up...

the top has pigs on it!!

And the bottom has elephants!!!

sad part is that it is 99.95 and I am still poor...

Monday, May 24, 2010

summah time!

I've finally decided to restart this empty blog, as I have all the time in the world right now and I should be cleaning out my closet. So, blogging = procrastination!!!

I got an email today from urban saying that they have "300+ new items!" I breezed through women's clothes and shoes and found some lovelies that I hope will be on sale in Noho by September.

1. chelsea crew cut out oxford in black.
just gave my lil sis my only pair of black ballet flats (other than an obnoxious sparkly pair). they were too small so I never could wear them, so this would be a nice replacement until it gets cold!

2. hawks by geren ford elephant tank.
elephants rock and i'd wear it to modern everday

3. & 4. sparkle & fade one-shoulder ruffle romper & dolce vita sunny romper
apparently i really want black rompers?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

whooray ebay!

I have made a recent purchase of tasty new shoes! (not completely new, as they have been lightly used) My friend, Ebay, has made it possible for me to buy the Lilia Pour la Victoire shoe from last year that I never had the moneys to buy when they were new. But now... drum roll please... I was able to purchase them for a mere 39.99! Less than a pair of raindows, sucka! I got them in nude, which is great cus my other nude pumps, fierce as they are, are not too comfy. But, Pour la Victoire always has such nice support/padding in their heels.

drool as you wish... no one's lookin'